Based in unit 3 Murray Court Hillhouse industrial estate Hamilton ML3 9SL

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Weather you are looking to get fit, want the chance to compete at AIBA Open level or want to learn how to box then we can help. We also offer a ladies only non contact class.


we offer structured classes accross all levels and safe sparring for anyone who wants the chance to give boxing ago (we can provide headguards and safe spar gloves all you need is the mouth guard). We allow the kids/juniors to spar as soon as the coaches see fit. we do require signed consent from the parent or guardian before anyone under the age of 16 is allowed in the ring. Anyone over the age of 16 is allowed to spar as soon as any of the coaches think they are ready, however remember to let us know if its something you want to do....dont be shy.

At Forsyths Boxing Club we have produced both Male and Female champions. We offer full training and preperation for fighting and will coach you to a very high level. As mentioned the club competes reguarly and our fighters are all licenced.


For (AIBA Open ) competition the age limit to compete has been raised to 40years old. At Forsyths Boxing Club no experience is neccesary as full training will be provided so if its something you have always fancied then get in touch and we can get you started. We have no upper age limit and welcome anyone to give it a go.


Our dedicated ladies only class offers the girls a chance to give boxing a go without the sparring (unless you want to.....) learn to punch correctly and enjoy the banter. The class is split between boxing and circuit training and is aimed more towards fitness than anything else.





A word on bullying.

We get many parents contacting us regarding their children starting the club due to the fact they are being bullied. Boxing is not a miracle cure for this however we can teach your child how to defend themselves and help to build self confidence. At the club we are very strict with our training and will not teach a child to strike out unprovoked. Through discipline and good solid training we have had some good news stories of children being bullied. We have also had parents contact us as they feel their children are a bit unruly and are concerned about their behaviour again as above through tough disciplined training we have had great results and some real good news stories at the club.







Class times:


Kids: ages 6-12 Monday and Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm £3 per session

Juniors: ages 13-16 Monday and Wednesday 6-7pm £3per session

Adults: Ages 17+ Monday and Wednesday 6.30-8pm £4 per session

Ladies only (non contact) Monday and Wednesday 8-9pm £3 per session

Mixed Class : Sunday 3-4.30pm


Annual Subscription Kids £15.00 Adults £25.00




Any Questions please contact below:



Stephen Forsyth 07900564200 or